What's Your Excuse?

Over the years I came up with many reason why I hadn't reduced my weight, as I’ve written before I’ve always thought that I wasn’t that bothered about being overweight. I have a full and varied life and certainly never felt that I was missing anything. As a Hypnotherapist I regularly work with clients who want to reduce their weight, when I was very overweight myself that never seemed to put them off, indeed my clients seemed to like the fact and saw me as a kindred spirt. 

Since I've reduced by own weight by over 8 stones (and still going!) I’ve been wondering if I really was as happy as I thought - was I making excuses to myself? 

Something I do with my clients is an exercise called Excuse Busting (or B******s Busting as one chap called it!) Initially I write down all the reasons they tell me are why they are not achieving their weight loss goals, then we go thorough them and decide which are genuine reasons and what are really excuses. And yes, you’ve guessed it, most, if not all, are are excuses. As therapy progresses, I ask the client to do the Excuse Spotting themselves. 

I’ve noticed that many of the reasons we come up with follow a pattern. Let me present you a whole year worth of reasons that in the past I have made myself or heard from clients.


After all the excesses of Christmas, it’s time to really do it. This time next year I will be at my target weight. I just need to finish up all the left over Christmas food before I start, the tins of sweets, cake, nibbles, all the stuff I’ve been given. Such a waste to throw it all away.

Food all eaten, funny how nobody else seemed to want it, OK, now I can start on Monday. Oh dear, my friends keep bringing their left over food into work, such a shame to waste it. I’ll start in February.


Hmm, three birthdays, that work night out. I’ll start when they are all over, silly to pay for them and not eat anything isn’t it. Too cold and dark to go out for a walk. Such a dull month February. Need something to cheer me up, I’ll start in March.


Easter! Looking forward to Hot cross buns, chocolate. I’ll start when its over. Though I’ll have to eat up all the chocolate eggs the kids have left, they get far too many. I don’t like them eating chocolate. I’ll start afresh in April.


OK, now I’ll do it, when I’ve got rid of this cold. I really was going to start but all the family  were ill, have to make them little treats to cheer them up, they never seem to want them though, can’t waste them can I? I’ll have a little bit, that won’t hurt.


Goodness, May already, better get on that diet, I need to look good for my holiday in August. I’ll start when half term is over, after the wedding we’re going too, ooh, and then its two birthdays. I’ll wait until there’re over.


My birthday dinner and a weekend away, I can’t be on a diet then can I? What a waste of money that would be. Got loads of chocs from my friends, why do they buy me chocolate, they know I’m on a diet. Oh well Ive got a few weeks until my holiday. I’ll start in July.


Right! I’ve been so good today, tomorrow we’ve been invited out, so I’ll just have what I want, one day won’t matter will it. After all, I’ve lost a pound.

On an off my diet this month, its so hard when you’re dieting isn’t it. I deserve a treat occasionally after all my hard work.


Holiday!  I’m gong to look awful on the beach. I’m so unhappy, why don’t I have any self control? I hate myself. Oh well, no point in crying over spilt milk, I can’t possibly diet on holiday, I’ll just lay on the sun-bed, if I don’t move about the beach, nobody can see how huge I am. I’ll start when the kids go back to school in September.


Really busy at work this month, I just can’t think about dieting right now. I’ll look up the nearest slimming club and go next month.


I’ll start the slimming club after half term and the three birthdays and anniversary parties, I’d forgotten about those. No point in paying to go to a slimming club if I have to eat at all those parties is there? I’ll go next month, get a few pounds off for Christmas.


Dark nights now, I don’t like going out in the evenings. Never mind, I can diet on my own can’t I? I need to start buying the Christmas food now, I’ll hide it so nobody eats it. Though I probably should try those new cakes, just to see that they are OK for the guests.


Oh No! Where has the year gone? I really wanted to lose weight this year, its so difficult though. Nobody ever helps me, there’s always something going on in my life that make me eat. Oh well, no point on dieting now is there? I’ll start in the new year.


See above!

Sound familiar? Reasons or excuses? 

If you have a goal that you are not achieving - weight loss, fitness, getting a new job - give this a go - excuse or reason? Once see that your reasons are in fact excuses, then bust them! Take action and start achieving the things you want to achieve.

It certainly works for me and my clients love it too. Bust those excuses!

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