Lindsay's Weight Loss - Part 1

This is part of a private blog I kept when I started upon my own weight loss journey, at the time I didn't intend to publish it. Now I have reduced my weight by almost 9 stones, I hope that I can inspire others to take those first steps to reduce thier weight and become fitter.

Writen in January 2014

For at least the last 20 years I’ve been overweight  - significantly so. Like many people, I’ve gone up and down the scales, for the last few years though it's just been up, and up and up.

And to be really honest, I’ve wasn't that bothered. It’s not that difficult to buy nice clothes in very large sizes if you know where to look and don’t mind spending a bit of money - and spending money has never been one of my problems! I walk my dogs and I swim a lot so am reasonably fit, never smoked and cook and eat good quality food - just a great deal of it!

Now as a Hypnotherapist, I’m not exactly a great advert for weight management hypnosis, though actually I do get pretty good results. I confess though, I always feel that I have to ‘explain myself’. Explain that I am happy as I am, I’m not hiding behind some awful trauma, I’m just greedy. 

In September 2013, I went on holiday and, for the first time, I did start to think about my size in a negative way. The seat belt on the aircraft was so tight I had to ask for an extender, the cabin crew were charming and in no way made me feel embarrassed, but inside I felt a terrible shame. Later in the flight when I went to the loo - and those loos are snug even if you are a catwalk thin model aren’t they? - my husband swopped seats, he’s slimmer than whippet and the seat belt barely fit him so it was obviously faulty. Knowing this did nothing to help my feeling of shame though. It was very hot on holiday and I felt big blob of sweat everyday and just a slightly less sweaty blob in the evening!

On our return, I got on the scales and almost passed out at the number flashing at me. It was time to “Go On A Diet” - or not! I really don’t like the idea of being On or Off a diet. I feel its limiting, regimented and does little to change my thinking around food. 

I do like a plan though! So out came the notebooks, spreadsheets and books on nutrition. I’m a good cook and always cook from scratch so I planned a sensible eating plan based around Eating Clean - that is eating unprocessed foods. No ready meals, machine made meats, that sort of thing. I removed sugar from my diet, at least I though I had, more about that another time. And finally, I decided to learn to enjoy exercise. Eat clean and Train Mean. 

Now I needed a goal, after all, how would I know I’d got what I wanted if I didn't know what I wanted? I absolutely didn't want the number on the scales to be my goal, in the past if I’d had a ‘good’ week and the number was down, I would see it as a green light to reward myself with a treat - a food treat of course! And if I’d had a ‘bad’ week, then I would think “Sod it - I may as well give up and eat it anyway”. So scales and weight measurements were out.

Instead I measured myself, it was a bit like that line from Jaws - “We’re going to need a longer tape measure” - I made markers for the start points, the before. I planned that every month I’d make a new mark to measure my shrinkage.

I still needed a really big strong goal though. Around this time, my sister was having aggressive treatment for breast cancer, so I decided to sign up for the Moonwalk Half Marathon - a fund raising 13.2 miles around London, at night, in a just decorated bra (and something on the lower half of course). Just the thing for a very overweight 57 year old to be doing don’t you think?

There have been times when I’ve found the training grim, I’ve been out in all weathers, soaked, frozen and occasionally in pain. I’ve eaten too much on occasions and I’ve not eaten enough on others. Neither have been good. I’ve spent a small fortune on walking trainers, socks, chiropractor, sports massage, a bike, helmet, car rack, a personal trainer to help me strengthen up. I struggle some days, I breeze through others. 

And every single day I use my mind to keep me where I want to be, where I'm going next. I keep moving forward.

I use every skill I have ever learnt in my Hypnotherapy training and from working in my practice, I’ve invented new techniques to keep me motivated. There’s the odd bit of fear, if I don’t keep to the training plan I won’t be able to do the event, I’d hate that.

I’ve sought advice and help from experts, I’ve done my best to help others along the way. I’m learning a lot about myself and a lot about how to help my clients in future - for many issues, not just  weight management. I’ve met and worked with some wonderful and knowledgeable people, I’ve met people who have struggled and truly suffered because of their weight. I’ve been motivated, cross, heartbroken and enlightened. I wonder what will come next?

One of the most important things I’ve discovered is that I only need these three things to keep me on my right path:

My Head: For positive & beneficial thoughts

My stomach: To feed the proper fuel 

My Feet: To keep me moving

 Simple really isn’t it?

May 2015

I have now reduced my weight by almost 9 stones. I completed the Moonwalk in May 2014 and have just completed the 2015 event, 15 miles this time. I will be running the Great North Run half marathon in September 2015