Lindsay's Weight Loss - 5K & Beyond

This is part 2 of a private blog I kept when I started upon my own weight loss journey, at the time I didn't intend to publish it. Now I have reduced my weight by almost 9 stones, I hope that I can inspire others to take those first steps to reduce thier weight and become fitter.


As a Hypnotherapist I see some amazing work done my my clients, sometimes I’m in awe of them. The wonderful changes they make and, perhaps what pleases me the most, is how they come to realise how powerful their minds can be, how far changing their thinking takes them.

So you’d think seeing the things my clients achieve, I would be able to do the same things wouldn't you, change the things I want to change for myself. After all, I know what to do, I know what works for my clients, I know how to adapt my techniques, I know when I need to be kind and supportive and when to get my clients to take responsibility for themselves.

I wanted to change my weight, to reduce it - and I did nothing. I’ve written in the past that actually I was quite happy being obese and while I truly believed it at the time, I’m beginning to think that wasn’t true. I told myself that I had to be ready to change and until I was then nothing was going to ‘work’. Which is a rubbish reason, it’s an excuse. I get cross when I hear someone say that a therapy didn’t work because the client wasn’t ready to change. While there is some truth in that, if a client has actually come to see you, then surely they do want to make changes? They may not understand what that involves, it’s up to us as therapists to educate them, show them how to become effective at self motivation, task them and support them, teach them self efficacy.

As I’ve written previously, I am doing the work on myself now am currently 5 stone less than I was in September 2013. I train like a demon and eat good quality food, generally eating ‘clean’ and I feel really good! I’m a person who needs to set targets, though I decided that I was not going to set weight loss targets, to me that is not helpful. I set what I call NSV’s - Non Scale Victories. The main one, set in October 2013, is to do the annual Moonwalk in London, a power walk for around 15,000 people during the night, all of wearing a decorated bra. Men too! The walk is in aid of Breast Cancer, hence the bras. There is a full marathon Full Moon or a half marathon, Half Moon.

At the time I entered I was at my largest, had suffered for a few years (and I do mean suffered!) with a very painful Achilles injury, I walked my dogs, slowly, I did swim a lot though. Many years ago I was a competitive swimmer and once took part in a Channel relay swim, now I was just plodding, not able to swim at a level I was once so capable of. I clicked the send button and entered the half marathon Moonwalk and pretty much immediately regretted it. How the heck was I going to manage a half marathon?

Then it just clicked, I really really wanted this! It was time to sit in my clients chair. I spent the rest of the day making plans, in self hypnosis, Swishing, visualizing. I had that medal around my neck so many times that day! Then I put my goal out there, yes, on Facebook! Now everyone knew.

Fast forward to March 2014, I’ve walked miles and miles, in all weathers, in three countries. I do Pilates, weight training, swim, cycle, I have fun. So I thought, I need to do something before the main event, known as ‘Lindsay Goes Mooning’ in my house, so I entered a 5K. The Bournemouth Bay Run organized by the British Heart Foundation. The route along the seafront is part of my longer training walks so I know I could do it easily, I planned to power walk it, not run. I’m not great at running and as preparation for the Moonwalk I needed to walk it as fast as I could, Moonwalkers get disqualified if they run.

The day arrived, I’d done the training, a friend was walking with me, I was really looking forward to it. I hadn’t told anyone but my personal trainer I was doing the event so there was no pressure.

Then it happened.

There I was on the start line, ready to go and I was terrified. My mind was in turmoil, the self talk was yelling - “These people are proper runners, you don’t belong here, what are you thinking of? Get out now, you’re never going to be able to do it are you” I was looking around to see if I was the fattest person there. I asked a marshal if it was ok to walk the race, I looked for a way to get out off that start line.

I was so cross with myself, and then started telling myself “Don’t be so stupid, you are such an idiot, you’ve done this before, everyone will laugh at you if you walk out, you’ll be a failure” Jolly helpful wasn’t it? I felt a terrible shame that I was going to let my friend and myself down.

There is an affirmation I use often “Use my mind and my body will follow” - I say it, or a form of it, a lot. And there it was - “Your Mind Lindsay, your mind, use it” I took a deep breath, I looked over to the beach that I love so much, I stepped into my own zone. I saw that self talk as a stupid monster thing and I shoved it off my shoulder and flung it into the sea, hearing it scream as it flew thorough the air, shutting up as it hit the depths of the water. I forced my mouth into a smile, changed my posture, shoulders down & back, head up. That smile was real now - and we were off.

Wave after wave of runners passed us, a bit of a panic when I thought we were last, then I just thought “Oh **** **, someone has to be” We decided to pace ourselves with a lady just in front of us who was also walking but very soon passed her, she stuck about 20 yards behind us so we agreed to make sure she didn’t catch us. Just before the half way point, runners started to come back the other way, we saw the 10K and half marathon runners coming in. More 5k runners coming back - and they were walking! We turned, half way, laughing now, feeling good, we started to play catch up. Walking faster to overtake the person in front, faster again, set targets to pass that person by the time we reached that lamppost. We started to encourage the people who were flagging, we even passed RUNNERS! A 10k runner walked with us for a while, then he ran off thanking us as he went. Runners who’d finished the longer events cheered us and clapped as we went.

A group of lads sat eating chips yelled at us, “Lazy girls, run girls run, don’t walk” I just thought, “OK, I’m getting fitter, you’re just eating chips” And all the time that lady was just behind us. Then she was level - and started to pass us! As she went by she said “Thanks for pacing me ladies, if I get in under an hour I double my sponsorship” - and off she went. Well I wasn’t having that! All three of us were flying now, we came in at 48 minutes.

It was fantastic! Were we last? Absolutely not and who cares anyway?

Am I pleased I did it? Of course. I’m delighted that I could use my mind to leap over the self talk, my own self imposed barriers. And that feels good!

On to the next 13.2 miles - May 10th!

June 2015

I have now reduced my weight by almost 9 stones. I completed the Moonwalk in May 2014 and have just completed the 2015 event, 15 miles this time. I will be running the Great North Run half marathon in September 2015