Big Scary Goals!

About 3 years ago I lost a considerable amount of weight, since then I’ve taken part in quite a few challenges, running, climbing, getting out there and being active. I have always found that having a goal to work towards really motivates me, both to perform well in the event and to keep my weight stable. I am a person who needs a goal! 

Over the last few months I’ve sat back a bit, still exercised and eaten well but I have certainly not been as focused as I was, some weight had crept back on. Yes, I’d been on two lovely holidays, celebrated my 60th birthday very enthusiastically, but no excuses, I got a bit lazy. So time to get back on it, fully focused.

So what challenge should I aim for now? I like to push myself, do things that scare me a little. I needed something big, something to really make me work and if I could help someone out along the way, all the better.

I have always fancied running the London Marathon, but also thought it was just that - fanciful! I am an incredibly slow runner, small children & the infirm pass me with ease, but I plod on, hating it while I’m doing it, loving it when I’m done. But a Marathon, for me that’s really a challenge! London Marathon is very very hard to get into, people try for years to get a ballot place, charities offer places but they are also tricky to get and, rightly, require a lot of fundraising on their behalf. So London wasn’t going to happen, what should I do?

Then in July of this year, I was given an opportunity to apply for a London Marathon place, fundraising for Alzheimer’s  Society. They had given my family invaluable help and I have done other events on their behalf. I wrote a very personal and heartfelt application, to be honest more to say thank you to them for what they do rather than in real hope of getting a valuable Golden Bond place, hundreds of people apply for them. They acknowledged my application and told me I’d hear in October. 

Two weeks later I had a call from them, but I missed it! It was a Friday and I had to wait all weekend to call back. What did they want? I convinced myself they were going to tell me not to be so ridiculous, of course you can’t run for us, you are far to old, inexperienced, a bit overweight. 

Monday Morning, late July, they called back - and offered me the place. What! Really? To say I was stunned would be a huge understatement. I accepted of course. Immediately regretted it, then was thrilled, regretted it, thrilled......

I needed to let the news sink in, so have kept it to myself for weeks. I’ve made my training plans, started training. Cried a bit with the realization of the huge task I have ahead of me, cried a bit more when I have had a bad run. Pretended it’s not really happening. And been so thankful for this incredible opportunity, both for me and for the Alzheimer’s Society.

Now I’m ready. On 23rd April 2017 I really am running in the London Marathon!

I will be using hypnosis techniques to manage my mindset, to stay focussed and strong during the long cold months of training. I expect to learn a lot about myself too. 

So here we go, look out for my updates!