Raising Standards In Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapists agree that we want to learn as much as possible about our field so that we are more able to help our clients. Dispelling those myths about what Hypnosis can and can’t do is usually pretty high on the list too! During many of those chats my colleagues and I would talk about how “If we were in charge” we would raise standards, educate the public and our fellow professionals & raise the professional profile of Hypnosis Professionals. And soThe Professional Hypnotherapy Network was born.

Marginal Gains - The Little Things

For the last two weeks any spare moment I have has been spent in front of the TV watching the London Olympics. Have you been doing the same thing too? I’ve loved every minute, watched sports I knew very little about and been fascinated by dancing horses, the bendy-ness and strength of the gymnasts, the speed of the races, whether on foot, boat or bike, I’ve been there cheering them on.


How to be happy, techniques from Bournemouth Hypnotherapist Lindsay Shepherd

New Year Resolutions

New Year Resolutions - are you making any? Hypnosis can help you achieve your goals

Glass Half Full or Half Empty?

What a wonderful sunny weekend we had here in the UK. It was great to get out and about in the sunshine and see all the happy smiling people enjoying themselves. 

 Today though, I heard the weather forecaster say,…